The Inland Empire Labor-Management Cooperation Committee

Information Technology

Router Security - A router is the device that shares internet access among multiple computers and devices on a network.  A router may also be a modem, as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer all-in-one devices that both connect to the internet and share that connection between computers and devices.  Because a router is exposed to the public
Web Browser Security Extensions - There are a number of very useful security related browser extensions available for both the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.  Here are three extensions available for both browsers that can make your web browsing both safer and more private.
Backups - Backups are a very important part of any information technology recovery plan.  No matter how hard you work at securing your network and devices, sometimes the worst can happen.  The only way to recover from a complete loss of data is by restoring a backup.
Passwords - Passwords are the keys that open the locks to our digital lives. Each website and device a person accesses requires a password in order to be secure, so it is very likely that a person may need many passwords. How does one manage a large number of passwords while keeping them secure?
Email Links - Email links are one of the biggest security threats an organization will face. Why are Email links such a threat?