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Web Browser Security Extensions

There are a number of very useful security related browser extensions available for both the Chrome and Firefox web browsers.  Here are three extensions available for both browsers that can make your web browsing both safer and more private:

1. UBlock Origin (chrome / firefox)

One of the newer and more insidious types of attacks on the internet is known as “malvertising”. “Malvertising” is malicious software injected into advertising on websites, sometimes even major well known sites.  The best defense against these types of attacks are script blocker extensions.  UBlock Origin is an extension available for both Chrome and Firefox that can block both annoying ads and malicious scripting on websites.

2. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a great advocacy organization for online privacy and security. HTTPS is becoming more common on the web, but some websites still offer limited support for it or make it difficult to use.  HTTPS Everywhere forces an HTTPS connection on all sites that support it. This encrypts all web traffic between your browser and the site, dramatically increasing your level of security.

3. Privacy Badger

If you’re concerned about spying ads and web trackers, Privacy Badger is another great extension from the EFF.  Privacy Badger enables Do Not Track, a web browser function asking providers not to track your information for ads (please keep in mind, this is not enforced). More important, Privacy Badger actually blocks third party tracking cookies and some other advertising based cookies entirely.  Some sites might need this disabled for functionality, but it’s better for your privacy and security for them not to be enabled if they’re not needed.